Smart Mobile Learning :::

So why did we develop Smart Mobile Learning?

The nature of the civil construction industry requires its workers to be on the move, and sometimes outside internet coverage.  Whether you are building roads, driving heavy plant or laying pipes, you are always on the move.   Access to a desk or training room may not always be possible.  But you still want to further your career by gaining skills and qualifications.

So we designed Smart Mobile Learning. This innovative training is delivered via a specially configured android tablet device supplied by Orbus3. Trainees use their device to access the fully compliant training resources and complete assessments.

Sometimes the civil construction projects are in remote areas with little internet access. No problem – our training resources and assessments can be accessed both online and offline 24/7.

Our trainers are also equipped with the latest mobile technology and regularly visit students on site to provide support and use the latest technology capturing audio and video responses progressively. Of course this training is when and where it’s needed.

Advantages of Orbus3 Smart Mobile Learning

  • The convenience of access to all the training resources in a compact, engaging and mobile format
  • The ability to utilise the resource for research and further learning
  • Enhanced trainer/student communication
  • Strong support and usage guides

Key Information

All courses delivered via iPad or Android tablet

Can hold training onsite

No internet required:
Works in remote locations

Complete assignments anywhere anytime

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