About Orbus3   :::

Orbus3 is a Nationally Registered Training Organisation and all of our trainers have years of real-life experience in the civil construction industry.

Orbus3 is a premier provider of high quality civil construction training. Accredited under ASQA, we utilise the latest technologies to deliver training at a time, a place and in a manner that has the maximum value to our students and the minimum loss of productive time for employers.

We operate a truly integrated digital delivery platform that allows our trainers to spend all of their time training – not pushing paper. We focus on building relationships that are based on exceptional service, honesty, loyalty and integrity.


Dean Gurney

Chief Executive Officer


Mal Phelan

Training Director

Jodie 1 small

Jodie Garvey

Client Relations Manager


Ashleigh Maloy

Training Coordinator


Andrew Jackson

Senior Trainer


David Ensing

Senior Trainer


Craig Woodbridge

Senior Trainer


John Van Den Borne

Senior Trainer