Working safely at heights


Falls from height can leave employees with permanent and debilitating injuries.  Falls often occur from roofs, scaffolds, ladders, trucks and mezzanine floors or into pits or holes.

Falls from less than one metre can result in serious injuries such as fractures, spinal cord injury, concussion and brain damage. The risk of serious injury or death from a fall increases significantly when working at heights over two metres.

This course is designed for those who could be required to undertake routine procedures involving working at height.  Take control of your safety.

What will I learn?

  • What classifies as ‘working at height’
  • Legislation requirements
  • Risk assessment and hazard control
  • Site specific hazard and height work analysis
  • Plan and prepare for safe work practices
  • Introduction to fall protection equipment, including fall prevention, restraint and arrest devices
  • Select and inspect fall protection equipment
  • Safe work with ladders and roofs
  • Monitoring safe work practices
  • Emergency response and rescue requirements
  • Incident reporting

Course requirements

Access to relevant equipment

Supervised work experience

Theory assessment

Practical assessment